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Good mood at Russian quartet of metal trade fairs

Good mood at Russian quartet of metal trade fairs:

wire Russia, Tube Russia, Metallurgy Russia and Litmash Russia were held jointly again in Moscow in June 2017

Four trade fairs took place in one venue, creating ideal synergies for exhibitors and visitors as well as short routes between stands and a compact presentation.

As before, from 5 to 8 June 2017, the Expo Centre in Moscow hosted a joint presentation of four technology trade fairs: wire Russia, the international wire & cable fair, Tube Russia, the international pipe & tube fair, Metallurgy Russia, the international metallurgical technology processes and metal products fair, and Litmash Russia, the international foundry fair.

The regional trade fairs were organised by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Messe Düsseldorf Moscow – in partnership with the Russian joint-stock company VNIIKP for wire Russia, and Metal Expo for the other three, Tube Russia, Metallurgy Russia and Litmash Russia.

In all, around 400 companies presented technical innovations from their industries, covering an exhibition space of 5,545 square metres.

As well as Russian exhibitors, many international companies were represented in Moscow, showcasing their products and services to the Russian and Eastern European markets.

Throughout the world good business is being generated by an increasing global demand, the international expansion of glass fibre networks and the prospect of the World Cup in Russia. This is benefiting not only the Russian construction industry, but also international companies that are involved in building Russia’s many stadiums and which are working on infrastructure projects.

Wire, cables, tubes, metal and foundry products are needed for the stadiums, and the forthcoming World Cup is therefore having a major positive impact on the exhibiting industries.

Tube Russia, Metallurgy Russia and Litmash Russia were attended by 4,200 trade visitors, primarily from Russia and its neighbouring countries. wire Russia attracted 2,720 visitors who spent four days finding out industry news, refreshing contacts and initiating business deals. Exhibitors rated their conversations at the stands as highly positive, and many are expecting good follow-up business as a result.

Visitors mainly came from Russia, other CIS regions and neighbouring European countries.


Boockmann Engineering GmbH
Elina Ketterling, Manager for Cooperation with Eastern Europe, Italy

Our company is a producer of both wire/cable and conductor cleaning and surface treatment technologies and equipment and accessory materials for this equipment. Supplying plant for producers of cables and conductor including welding wires, we have long and successfully held this position in the world market. This year we have brought to the fair one of our HELICORD® installations featuring a block system with a mobile zone, which is designed for cleaning of wires from different kinds of contamination in the production process, i.e. particles and dust, metal chips, abrasive chips, residual lubricating substances and oxide films as well as finishing treatment.

For us wire Russia is a venue wherein we can meet and get to know this industry’s experts, introduce ourselves and our technologies, see our long-standing partners again, get new contacts, and establish economic relations. Our company has been represented in Russia fairly recently, but compared with the previous wire Russia fairs we have managed to take part in, I can see evident improvements in every respect. The fair is much better represented and is at the European level. It is gratifying that Russian manufacturers began to choose product quality rather than cheapness as their first priority.

Timofey Kanishchev, Sales Manager

It is not the first time that OOO NPK RELKO is taking part in wire Russia. We are official representatives of several major European companies selling worldwide, including Russia and CIS countries, both new and used equipment, among which are measuring and test instruments, cable production machines, and consumables. For our company wire Russia is primarily a status thing, since the company’s presence at the fair indicates that we maintain a strong market position and are still trending, and secondly, for us it is an opportunity to regain, establish and bring up to date contacts. Here, at the fair, we expected to find as many as possible would-be customers. As for the fair arrangement it is as usual organised at a good level. Of course, we would like to see a large number of visitors and clients.

SI Interline
Vyacheslav Shutov, Sales Manager

SI Interline was set up many years ago and is an experienced supplier of materials for the cable industry of the Russian Federation. We bring to the domestic market unique materials that have never been presented before.
Our portfolio includes:
* compounds for medium and low voltage cables;
* various halogen-free compositions, notably very low density magnesium hydroxide based;
* thermoplastic polyurethanes;
* waterproofing gel;
* dyes for optical fibres;
* water blocking tapes and threads, and a lot more.
In our opinion, promotion of new high quality materials will allow for expanding stock lists of cable products made in Russia, lowering dependence on imported cable suppliers and furthering the domestic economy development altogether.
For our company wire 2017 completed on a positive note. The demand for the produce we represent is quite high, and we hope for a significant increase of the supply scope.

Nikolay Pashunin, Branch Director, St Petersburg

Our company has been supplying pipe and wire bending equipment for over five years. We work with suppliers from England, South Korea, and Taiwan. At the fair we wished to find clients specifically focussing on wire processing. We did not expect a massive customer flow; we were interested in the people dealing in wire article production. As a rule, there is no instantaneous financial effect following completion of exhibitions. Therefore the main purpose at any trade fair is to find new contacts. But on the whole we are happy with our participation in wire Russia.

Alexander Chamov, Head of Maillefer SA representative office in Moscow, Dr.Sc.

MAILLEFER is a Finnish-Swiss company manufacturing extrusion equipment. The company’s head office is located in Finland. Traditionally we take part in the wire trade fair both in Russia and Dusseldorf. Our company boasts a long track record in the Soviet Union and Russia. In recent years our company has supplied over 150 extrusion lines to Russia and CIS countries. Here, at the fair we represent a full range of the company’s products, from telecommunication cable production equipment to super voltage cable production equipment. Alongside production of equipment we also provide consultancy services, hence our new solutions in the field of consultancy and plant layout planning are represented at the fair. The company lays great emphasis on long-term maintenance service. This year we have brought to the fair our novelty products in the area of medium and high voltage cable production. In the field of optics we have presented our new solution – a high-speed line, the kinematics whereof is 1000 m/min, whereas traditional lines of this kind have a velocity of about 250 -300 m/min. This is actually a new level for this type of equipment. The fair was very good for our company. There were many colleagues of ours from Finland and Switzerland – all line of business heads, which is evidence of the respect of the company for the Russian market and the market of the CIS countries. At the stand there were nonstop negotiations underway both relating to the new equipment and customer consultations. This is very inspiring and we hope that this year will be very good for us.

Dimitri Netsunski, Sales Manager

Our company is engaged in the production of nonwoven materials. We supply nonwoven water-blocking tapes for the cable industry. LANTOR was set up back in 1957 and became the first company that brought a water-blocking material to the market. At the fair we customarily meet our long-standing partners, get to know new potential clients, increase our market share. The overall impressions of the fair are positive, however, we hope that next time there will be more visitors. We plan to participate in wire Russia 2019 as well.

Federico Bussola, Sales Director of Sampsistemi S.r.l.

Our company started up in 1936. We have been working in the market for many years and now are part of Maccaferri Group. We manufacture equipment used in the cable industry, specifically, drawing equipment, breakdown drawing machines, multiple-thread drawing machines, stranding machines. Furthermore, we produce extrusion lines for cable insulation. At wire Russia 2017 we are presenting a single-strand breakdown drawing machine for aluminium and aluminium alloys as well as an extruder for cable insulation. We have been participating in wire Russia for many years and will continue to do so. Our goal at the fair was to demonstrate and to ensure our company’s continuous presence in the Russian market. We are one of the few, maybe even the only Italian company actually representing equipment at the fair.

Jürgen Gress, Sales Director for Sales, Administrative Support, and Control, Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Our company is engaged in the production of equipment for the cable and wire industry. We develop machines and equipment for drawing, annealing, electroplating, stranding, winding, rewinding, and braiding of nonferrous wires, as well as machines for twisting wire pairs, making and rewinding high quality data and special cables. We have a representative office in Russia; so we have been active in the Russian market for a few years already. This year at wire Russia 2017 we are representing our NPS system. NPS is an effective, accident-free and cost-effective system for handling automotive wires. It comprises purposely designed SV type winding machines and ABS type dismountable reusable plastic spools. Participation in the fair for our company is a part of our image-building, since we can once again indicate our presence in the Russian market. The main goal of the company at the fair is to meet customers. Through the entire length of the trade fair we have had many visitors in our booth, we actively exchange contact information. Perhaps, in future we’ll manage to conclude lucrative contracts.

Further details of all four trade fairs can be found on the relevant websites:,, and

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